Scott Betz

Parenthood Experiments


There was a slow progression from the anticipation of fatherhood, to being inspired by my children, to appropriating “kid” marks, to ultimately true collaborations. This page shows work that was inspired by being a father and my children. I used the symbols of banners, birds, tools and flowers (growing in nurtured gardens).


“Here and Now”                                                                                          “Wise King Daddy”


“Blanket”                                                                                                       “Egg”


“Nest”                                                                                                            “Rest”


“Swallow”                                                                                                    “Gull”


“Robin”                                                                                                       “Wren”


“Turkey”                                                                                                       “Work”


“Becoming Daddy Suite”
Solo exhibition
Walter Echols Gallery

Once Will was born, I created another suite called “Bliss”


Solo Exhibition
Exhibited at Bennett Gallery 9/9/01


“Sweet Potato”


“China Lights”



“How to Draw a Tulip”

“Pump, Pump”





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