Work Before Parenthood

This site is geared to presenting my work to a broad range of artists, art faculty and gallery representatives for consideration in exhibitions in 2014, 15 and 16. The core content of the exhibition is the impact of my children on my work as influence and collaborators. There are three sections documenting the evolution of the work. In this section, I wanted to briefly represent the work that led up to the years before children.

In 1992, I spent a year in Paris, France. Overwhelmed with my first foreign travel, I settled into simple drawings with coffee, house paint and graphite. I was amazed how well the various cultures (Breton/Celtic, Algerian/Arabic to name two) seemed to get along in Paris- so much better than what I had experienced in the US. I began making harmonious patterns of Arabic, Celtic and Mayan patterns.


I later traveled to Morocco and saw first-hand the beautiful Arabic patterns as well as incredible Roman mosaic floors in ruins.


The resulting artwork became a suite of approximately 20 paintings.




This last painting (1997) shows the stylistic similarity although above (1999), expecting our first child, the subject matter is eggs, and nests, and tools and birds. I was preparing for my son to be born.

Many geographic adventures drove the content of my earlier work 1992-1999. Before kids, the biggest, scariest things were dotted lines on roadmaps. If only I knew what lay ahead.            Next section

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